Welcome to Horse Hungry! Celebrate your Self in this vibrant community!

Are you worn out by the demands of your too-busy life?

Do you find yourself wishing for more meaning and less mind-mess?

Do you long for some quiet time in Nature? Perhaps in the company of like-minded women?

Do you sense something elusive that perhaps you’ve never had, or had and lost? Something trying to emerge from the darkness of dreams or memory?

Is that something calling to you awaken your connection to your own life?

Horses? Maybe you have never been interested in horses at all, but somehow this message moves you. You might have been horse-crazy from your earliest memory, or perhaps you’ve been dreaming of horses and don’t know why.

If you crave…

a deeper connection to the natural world

a community of like-minded women with whom to share your experiences

a way to harness the transformational power of these connections…

Then Horse Hungry’s Come to Your Senses programs are for you!

Horse Hungry guides women in community to deepen and celebrate their connection to Self and others through  relationship with horses and with the natural world.

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If these statements feel compelling to you, you are Horse Hungry!

Photo by Carol Walker, used with permisson


Horse Hungry exists to guide you to fill the hole in your heart where you truest Self belongs!

Join a community of women supporting you to

Claim, renew or deepen your own spirituality through communion with equine energy

Connect more authentically to yourself, to each other and to the natural world

Share learning through 7 senses: Intuition, Movement, Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste, Touch   

You are welcome to feed your Horse Hunger by joining us for summer programming at Happy Dog Ranch in Littleton, Colorado.

Learn more and sign up in the following posts!

Round Bale Women’s Circles – June 10, August 19, Sept 9

Your Pelvis Demystified – July 1

Sunset Gong Bath Surrounded by Horses – September 2


Waking Up to Love Gong Bath & Blessing


Are you stir-crazy in mid-winter, wishing for spring?
Do you long for a deeper connection to the earth and to animals?
Could your heart use a soothing, uplifting self-valentine?

A resounding, deepening, transforming
Gong Bath Mini-Retreat could be the cure!

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)

What is a Gong Bath? What can a Gong Bath do for you? How is it a Self-Valentine?

Scroll to next blog post to FAQs to learn all about this special Self-Valentine event.

Hear Life Celebrant Mary Jo Honiotes discuss what is happening in the natural world right now. Receive her words and the Earth’s wisdom as a blessing and balm for your heart. Consider how these minutely-tuned occurrences might mirror your own awakening to expanding life and love.

  • Take a meditative “Awake Walk” among the horses and other ranch animals. Breathe with them. Listen to them. Pet them if they come to you. What messages of self-love come to you?

  • Be transported by the soothing tones of Sound Sculptor Gregg Wilkins as he plays the Earth Gong with a wide variety of instruments. (We have two new house cats – maybe they will enjoy the Gong tones as much as Beso and Fritz did in the past!)

You will receive confirmation upon payment; instructions and directions the week prior to the Gong Bath.

CANCELLATION POLICY: $25 refund if you cancel before Friday, Feb 8. No refund after that date. If we cancel, full refund.

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)