Horse Hungry Mixer presents
Anna Blake

HORSE HUNGRY MIXER SERIES: Feeding Your Hunger for Horses

October 21, 6:30-9:00PM * Happy Dog Ranch, Littleton, CO

Anna Blake, riding & horse trainer, farmer
and author of the memoir Stable Relation

$15 per event or see series pricing for discounts

Oct 28: Helga Karisch, Equine massage therapist

Nov 4: Laura Sosalla, Writer-photographer

Active! Engaging! Fascinating!
Give yourself a mid-week break * Invite a friend * Give a gift

Facilitated by Kathleen June, Founder of Horse Hungry 

Anna is witty, irreverent, soulful and honest. Her book is, too.

Learn how Anna quit the city and immersed herself in herd life / Meet more horse-crazy women / Hear Anna read from Stable Relation / Talk with Anna about her life with horses

TO REGISTER: email with the dates you will attend. I will charge you via PayPal. Your email will only be used for this one-time purpose.

Feed your horse hunger! If you pay for one, then decide at any point to attend one or both remaining Mixers, I’ll adjust the price so you get the discount.
$39 for the 3-part series
$26 for two evenings
$15 per evening
Discounts for HDR volunteers!
$37 for the 3-part series
$24 for two evenings
$13 per evening


When you purchase the series, you are automatically entered
to win a copy of Anna’s book, Stable Relation!
Partial Proceeds to Happy Dog Ranch!