TTouch™️ & You! with Pam Beets

Horse Hungry is proud to bring Pam Beets back for another wonderful dip into the world of awareness, renewal, well-being and healing through TTouch™️.

You will take away 4 TTouches™️ you can use at home on your loved ones, human or animal.

Bring your questions about TTouches for dogs, cats, exotic pets, horses and humans.

Practice Feldenkrais exercises to complement your TTouch education!

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)

Learn how you can use TTouch™️ to bring awareness and healing to people and animals.

Perhaps you have seen people TTouching™️ horses or have been introduced to TTouch™️ via Linda Tellington-Jones’ books and videos. In this class, the focus is on you and your human loved ones. Pam makes it fun to learn, and easily transferable to horses and other critters!

Experiment in a safe setting on yourself and others for a renewed sense of well-being.

Pam Beets (Arabian Raj’s minion at Happy Dog Ranch) is a Certified Feldenkrais therapist for people and a TTouch™️ practitioner for horses and people. Pam is a gentle, patient, experiential instructor. She has great stories about TTouching™️ newborn puppies, abandoned kittens, turtles, snakes, horses and humans!

Pam Beets Feldenkrais Guild Certified TeachertifiedPam Beets with a happy client

What is TTouch™️?
~Hands-on, non-invasive movements
~Relaxing or energizing for you and others
~Developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, based on Feldenkrais

What happens with TTouch™️?
~Non-habitual movements awaken molecules
~Molecules respond with more congruent alignment
~Researched results

Learn more about Linda Tellington-Jones and TTouch™️ at and on Youtube