Horse Hungry Mixer with Bernadette Spillane

SUNDAY, MAY 29, 2:00 – 4:30PM – $12

Facilitated by Kathleen June, Horse Hungry founder  warm, energizing, connecting! Refreshments served.

Bernadette Spillane, Owner-Manager, Happy Dog Ranch (shown with husband and partner John Spillane)

Bernadette Spillane runs Happy Dog Ranch, where 40 rescued horses live in peace and harmony. Bernadette’s vision attracts equine professionals and volunteers to help build this haven for horses and the people who love them. Bernadette owned East-West Karate and was a mom before Happy Dog. How did she get from there to here? Talk with Bernadette about….

• How did Bernadette find her way to horses?

• How did Happy Dog Ranch came about? What is her vision? Her philosophy?

• In what ways does Happy Dog Ranch help horses and people?

• Who are the horses? How did they get to HDR? How do they heal?


Email with the dates you will attend. I will send you the mailing address to reserve your space. Checks only:  $12

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Proceeds to Happy Dog Ranch!