Sunset Gong Bath Surrounded by Horses

Gong Bath at Sunset Surrounded by Horses

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September 10, 2017

Happy Dog Ranch, Littleton, CO 80125

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Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)

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Horse Hungry

Gong bath prelude: You are welcomed to a charming, peaceful horse sanctuary nestled against the foothills…. you are part of a rapt crowd of Light-hearted seekers…. picnic with a soulful speaker sharing sweet insights into themes of dark and light…. join a reverent procession across the barnyard…. enter a wood-rail pen framing our sacred circle…. 

NOTE: Sound begins at 19 seconds

Horse Hungry

Settle in to a twilight sound-scaped by horses: snuffling, munching, tails swishing and hooves softly thudding …. lay down, close your eyes, relax, breathe, rest…. enter your own world guided by spoken words….  the gong echoes Earth’s vibrations and follows horse energy…. deep/ sweet/ bold/ rich tones take you deeper and higher….

Horse Hungry

The setting sun leaves cooler air, a sense of completion and of promise…. foothills limned with pinks, golds, oranges…. share an impression…. depart knowing there is always great love for you here, inside you and at this place.

Gong Bath Guest Artists

Mary Jo HoniotesMary Jo Honiotes, Life Celebrant

The Balance of Light and Dark – Connect deeply and personally through a guided journey to what is significant in your relationship to the Earth, to yourself, and to others….

Gregg Wilkins, Sound Sculptor

Relax, meditate and resonate to the rich tones of the Earth Gong played between two herds of horses — feel your body and spirit reverberate in response….

Gong Bath – What to expect: UPDATED 8/31/17

We are so excited to welcome you to this unique event! Our hearts are open to receive you and share this most beautiful evening with you. We have planned everything for your comfort and deep pleasure. We are glad to answer any questions or concerns you might have at


Gates open

5:30 – 6:30

Enjoy your BYO picnic with other Gong Bathers

During the picnic, sink into deep space with speaker Mary Jo Honiotes, The Balance of Light and Dark

Learn about forming our own sacred circle & how to enjoy your gong bath

6:45 – 7:00

Procession to the round pen to create our sacred circle

Select your spot and get settled

7:00 – 8:00


Gong Bath – Gregg Wilkins

8:00 – 8:15



Procession out

Retrieve your picnic gear

Lighted escort back to your car

Gong Bath – Be prepared:

This is a women’s organization:  You are welcome to bring male guests to this event.

Free Parking: In our front pasture. Lighted escort back to your car after the Gong Bath.

Refreshments: Cookies and beverages for sale during the picnic, $1each. 

BYO Picnic: Tables, seating, napkins provided. All picnic gear may be stashed in our garage until after the Gong Bath.

Gong Bath area: Closed water bottles only. No food, coolers, open cups or cans. 

Space: Your gong bath gear must fit upon a standard yoga or camping mat! Compact bags and backpacks, please!

Chairs provided upon request. Chairs will be set up along the back and sides of the yoga mat area. Your chair must be reserved in advance at

Comfort: This is a dusty, sandy, horse-smelly ranch! (We prefer “Equine-Enhanced Aromatherapy,” but you get the drift.) You will by laying on the hard sand for about an hour. Ample padding like camping pad or folded blankets is strongly recommended. You might want to bring a small tarp like a large plastic garbage bag cut open.

Clothing: Bring layers for going from afternoon to evening. **Long pants, closed shoes and windbreaker jacket highly recommended.** Also: Insect spray, sun screen. Keep an eye on the weather for 80125.

Horses: Will be in their herd pens on both sides of the gong circle, separated from the gathering by fencing. They can come close in or move away as they prefer. Loving and petting is welcome, but no feeding the horses, please!

Inclement Weather:  If needed, the entire event – picnic, speaker, gong bath – will take place in the indoor arena, where the west doors look out over the foothills. The Gong Bath sounds will be semi-enclosed as in a large church or theater; the horses will remain outdoors.

Participants must be at least 14 years of age: Thank you.

Cancellation: Your check will be returned. The event will be rescheduled, date to be determined.

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)