Writers Inspired by Nature


Writers Inspired by Nature Mini-Retreat with Guest Artist Louise Thayer

**For stuck writers, accomplished writers, new writers**

Facilitated by Kathleen June, Horse Hungry founder

SIGN UP! Pre-registration required

$65 pp or $120 pp for two or more * To RSVP, contact Kathleen at kjvitale@me.com. Let me know if you would like to pay via charge or check.

Louise Thayer is a poet, essayist, photographer, horsewoman, bird dog trainer and herbal tea junkie. You might know her as our Happy Dog Ranch weekend trainer. Louise writes for goodmenproject.com and various magazines.

Join us at this beautiful horse rescue nestled next to the foothills as we explore how nature inspires and informs our writing.

• Commune with horses and walk the land to re-connect with nature

• Snuggle into structured writing activities calling on your connection to nature

• Learn from others via safe, affirming, constructive ways to share what you write

• Be in on the ground floor to help determine the future of this writers group

• Light refreshments provided


Your Horse Hungry Mixers are a way to:

• Open up to the blessings of horses in your life

• Explore your passion and the meaning of the gifts that horses bring to you

• Discover potential transformation and healing through your relationships with horses

• Celebrate the richness of connections with other women who are enjoying exploring their own passion for horses.

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