Horse Hungry Mixer: TTouch with Pam Beets

Sunday, March 12, 1:30 – 4:30
$15 pp or $13 pp for two or more

Happy Dog Ranch, Littleton, Colorado

SIGN UP! Pre-registration required

Contact Kathleen at to pay via US Mail.     

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Pam Beets is Feldenkreis therapist for people and a Tellington Touch (TTouch)TM practitioner for horses. The two disciplines are related through the work of renowned equine professional Linda Tellington-Jones, who created TTouch(TM).

Pam Beets is a gentle, experiential trainer of both horses and people. Her 27-year-old Arabian, Raj, lives at Happy Dog Ranch and relishes his job as a TTouch model!

  • Talk with Pam about how TTouch(TM) brings more awareness and healing to people and animals
  • Experiment safely with TTouch(TM) on yourself and others for a renewed sense of well-being
  • Try TTouch(TM) on horses
  • Take away 4 TTouches(TM) to use at home

What is TTouch?

TTouch(TM) in a nutshell:

• Hands-on, non-invasive movements

• Relaxing or energizing

• Non-habitual movements awaken molecules

• Molecules respond with more congruent alignment

• Researched results