Horse Hungry for the Holidays

Sunday, December 10, 2017

12:00pm – 3:00pm

Happy Dog Ranch, Littleton, CO

$48 per person, $90 for two people


Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)

What do you mean by “claiming your passion for horses”?

“I have been away from horses for 15 years. I don’t know how this happened! I can’t wait to meet like-minded women at the ranch! I’ve been wishing for a group like Horse Hungry.”

Every new Horse Hungry Meetup member writes something similar in her membership questionnaire. But many women don’t ever sign up to join us at the ranch. We all know what it is like when school, family, work and other obligations keep us from following our horse bliss.

This is why I founded Horse Hungry, because this was once true for me, too. Now I ache to read these poignant comments and to see how so many women struggle to prioritize their own passions.

Some women tell me that they can’t possibly buy a horse calendar or display a horse figurine or picture in their own home.

Some women do watch horse movies, go to an occasional horse show, or take a trail ride, but they describe these outings as unusual events, rare treats or guilty indulgences.

Some women ride or own horses but struggle to articulate their passion and to claim their horse time. They often sound wistful or apologetic, or laugh it off as an addiction.

Too few women I meet view their passion for horses as an essential expression of their true nature.

Claiming our passion for horses is important; it is powerful, and it is essential, not a whim or a passing fancy. It is so crucial to our health and well-being, to our expression of our most authentic selves. It is part of what makes us tick, what makes us vibrant, alive and joyful. It is one beautiful way that we can connect to Nature, to the Divine, so we are replenished to give to others in healthy ways.

I want to support YOU in claiming your passion for horses, no matter what that looks like for you right now!

If you are a horse-hungry woman, Horse Hungry for the Holidays is designed just for you. In a mini-retreat to nurture your love of horses and connect you with other women horse-lovers, you will find comfort, inspiration and expression of your unique passion for horses. You don’t have to get dirty, stress your body or empty your wallet.

Just come and relax, enjoy a meal together, listen to stories of ancient winter traditions and create a horse-passion icon for your home that will support you in claiming your passion for horses at whatever level is right for you.

We want to nurture you, body and soul!

All horse-loving women are invited, including those who have not found the time to spend with actual horses for a while, plus horse-owners and riders.

Lunch, craft supplies, inspiration and love provided! Sink into the beauty of this horse rescue ranch nestled against the foothills.

Escape the holiday madness. Give yourself a gift or request a gift of a horse-lover’s afternoon!

In this mini-retreat you get to know other horse-crazy women over a sumptuous vegan lunch in front of the cabin fireplace.

🐎 Claim heart space just for yourself, no matter your relationship to the season
🐎 Call on ancient winter traditions that remind you to claim your passion for horses
🐎 Bridle that passion for horses to carry you into 2018
🐎 Create your own horse-lover’s memento to inspire and guide you, even when you are apart from actual horses

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)

Horse Hungry Open House at Happy Dog Ranch

Here’s your chance to learn about Happy Dog Ranch volunteer opportunities!

We are looking for committed volunteers to help care for rescued horses.

Come find out if this opportunity is for you!

Sunday, Jan 21, 1:00 – 4:00

Ranch tours 1:30 & 2:45

 Horse Hungry is dedicated to aiding and abetting your passion for horses!

See what you’ve been missing!

  • Meet new horse-crazy women friends

  • Tour the ranch & observe the horses

  • Learn about Happy Dog volunteers over complementary snacks & hot drinks by the fire

Horse Hungry provides orientation for women volunteers who are passionate about horses and long for a precious re-connection. Join us at this beautiful, peaceful and welcoming ranch!

Horse Hungry volunteers get a safe, structured, inspiring and practical introduction to natural horsemanship as practiced at Happy Dog Ranch in Littleton, Colorado:

  • Respectful – We treat horses as the sensitive and wise beings they are, putting their agenda first (for example, if our horse is anxious, we help him feel safe and comfortable before grooming).

  • Soft – Much of our horsemanship is based on martial arts principles of connection, blending, harmony, centeredness and balance. We achieve this through an ever-developing practice of energetic attention.

  • Non-invasive – We learn to consider the horses’ world view when we make requests of them, including their boundaries, sensibilities, and language.

Donations of any size requested to support the horses!


**Dress for the weather and wear boots or closed-toed shoes you can get dirty. 

**You will receive confirmation and directions

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Waking Up to Love Gong Bath & Blessing


Are you stir-crazy in mid-winter, wishing for spring?
Do you long for a deeper connection to the earth and to animals?
Could your heart use a soothing, uplifting self-valentine?

A resounding, deepening, transforming
Gong Bath Mini-Retreat could be the cure!

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)

What is a Gong Bath? What can a Gong Bath do for you? How is it a Self-Valentine?

Scroll to next blog post to FAQs to learn all about this special Self-Valentine event.

Hear Life Celebrant Mary Jo Honiotes discuss what is happening in the natural world right now. Receive her words and the Earth’s wisdom as a blessing and balm for your heart. Consider how these minutely-tuned occurrences might mirror your own awakening to expanding life and love.

  • Take a meditative “Awake Walk” among the horses and other ranch animals. Breathe with them. Listen to them. Pet them if they come to you. What messages of self-love come to you?

  • Be transported by the soothing tones of Sound Sculptor Gregg Wilkins as he plays the Earth Gong with a wide variety of instruments. (We have two new house cats – maybe they will enjoy the Gong tones as much as Beso and Fritz did in the past!)

You will receive confirmation upon payment; instructions and directions the week prior to the Gong Bath.

CANCELLATION POLICY: $25 refund if you cancel before Friday, Feb 8. No refund after that date. If we cancel, full refund.

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)


Is ranch work not your cup of tea?

Is volunteering just too big of a leap right now?

Wishing there was some easier way to feed your horse hunger?

Introducing Horse Hungry Book Club!

Sunday, March 25, 2018, 1:00 – 4:00

Happy Dog Ranch, 7811 W Titan Road, Littleton, CO 80125

$Love-offering requested – your donation of any size

RVSPs are very helpful, but not required: or

Here’s what to expect:

  • Share your own passage from a favorite horse book – or be introduced to the world of horse-related books
  • Enjoy new horse-hungry friends over tea, wine and snacks
  • Decide together if an ongoing Horse Hungry Book Club is what you want
  • Tour Happy Dog Ranch and meet our beautiful, sweet horses

Leave with your own list of great horse books to feed your horse-hunger!

Summer reading

Gift requests for yourself

Gift list for the horse lovers in your life

Bedtime dream fodder….

Our intention is to support you, the horse-hungry woman, in claiming your passion for horses!

If you are busy like the rest of us, you might find it challenging to prioritize your love of horses. This year Horse Hungry brings you a variety of experiences to pursue your passion in easy, accessible, inspiring ways.

Here’s what to bring to Horse Hungry Book Club:

  1. A favorite horse book from any genre (come ready to read a brief passage, or if you are new to horse books, come ready to listen)
  2. Finger-food snack to share
  3. Your donation of any size to support these programs and the horses of Happy Dog Ranch


A horse-hungry friend!

Boots or shoes you can get dirty, for the ranch tour

Tips for selecting your reading:

It inspires you, piques your curiosity, makes you laugh or cry, fills your heart with your love of horses

Please read it aloud to yourself. Up to 4 minutes per book, please.

Any genre: children’s, youth or adult fiction; non-fiction: memoir, historical, picture book, spiritual, how-to, inspirational, etc.


TTouch™️ & You! with Pam Beets

Horse Hungry is proud to bring Pam Beets back for another wonderful dip into the world of awareness, renewal, well-being and healing through TTouch™️.

You will take away 4 TTouches™️ you can use at home on your loved ones, human or animal.

Bring your questions about TTouches for dogs, cats, exotic pets, horses and humans.

Practice Feldenkrais exercises to complement your TTouch education!

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)

Learn how you can use TTouch™️ to bring awareness and healing to people and animals.

Perhaps you have seen people TTouching™️ horses or have been introduced to TTouch™️ via Linda Tellington-Jones’ books and videos. In this class, the focus is on you and your human loved ones. Pam makes it fun to learn, and easily transferable to horses and other critters!

Experiment in a safe setting on yourself and others for a renewed sense of well-being.

Pam Beets (Arabian Raj’s minion at Happy Dog Ranch) is a Certified Feldenkrais therapist for people and a TTouch™️ practitioner for horses and people. Pam is a gentle, patient, experiential instructor. She has great stories about TTouching™️ newborn puppies, abandoned kittens, turtles, snakes, horses and humans!

Pam Beets Feldenkrais Guild Certified TeachertifiedPam Beets with a happy client

What is TTouch™️?
~Hands-on, non-invasive movements
~Relaxing or energizing for you and others
~Developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, based on Feldenkrais

What happens with TTouch™️?
~Non-habitual movements awaken molecules
~Molecules respond with more congruent alignment
~Researched results

Learn more about Linda Tellington-Jones and TTouch™️ at and on Youtube


Your Pelvis Demystified: Deep in the Saddle!

Sunday, July 1, 8:30am – 4:30pm

Deadline for sign-ups: Wed, June 27

Aware, Flexible & Balanced ~  Back by popular demand, an enriched program for new and returning students!

Who should take this class?

Recreational riders who are adept at riding at a trot

Performance riders who are adept at riding at a trot

Any woman with a stiff lower back

Any woman with tight, inflexible hips

As a woman, your pelvis is the cradle for your creative energy – literally and figuratively the seat of your power!

Horse are a perfect way for women to engage with the Divine Feminine in deep relationship with the Natural World. Energetically, horses represent a unique combination of the intuitive and earthy feminine and masculine power and drive. The horse is a perfect mirror for our human strengths and challenges. A horse’s pelvis moves in exact response to the rider’s pelvis.


If your hips are restricted, your horse is restricted!


If your hips are restricted, your entire back is restricted!


The movement and awareness exercises in this workshop are designed to allow you to access the mysterious and magical power of your pelvis.

  • You will learn how your pelvis is meant to move and how to use that movement to allow your hips and lower back more freedom and flexibility.  
  • You will learn to move with more balance and harmony on a horse or on your own two feet.
  • Riders will find yourselves sitting deeper in the saddle than ever before.
  • Non-riders will feel your legs swinging more freely and your back more flexible. 

In a safe, engaging environment, you will be asked to report on what you notice happening in your body and to reflect on how that new knowledge affects your movement upon a horse and throughout your daily life.

Invite a friend to share this amazing experience with you!

AM session:

Allison Benner, Rolfer & Posture Expert: Pelvic Awareness and Movement  ~ Education, awareness, activities and exercises bring an embodied understanding of how your pelvis can and should move! 

PM Session: Two alternating small groups

Cindy Jones, Balanced Riding Instructor: Application and practice  ~  Apply your pelvic awareness and move with the horse like never before! You are led at a walk so your focus is on your body.

Allison Benner: Awareness coaching and practice. Leave withpersonalized plan for deepening your pelvic awareness, flexibility and balance.

INCLUDED IN THE $190 LEVEL: For riders, one pelvis-focused Balanced Riding lesson to be scheduled with Cindy


At the $160 level, you will benefit from a huge download of information and practical application without riding.

Participate fully in AM & PM pelvic awareness sessions with Allison.

In the PM riding session with Cindy, participate *from the ground only* by walking alongside a rider as you practice your new movements, coached by Cindy on your own movements and privy to Cindy’s coaching conversations with the rider. 

If you are not currently a student of Cindy Jones, you can put your new knowledge and awareness into practice after this workshop in an individual riding lesson arranged with Cindy for an additional fee. 


DEADLINE for sign-ups: Wed, June 27

$190 level is for riders adept at riding at the trot, no non-riders
$160 level is for non-riders only
Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)


Allison Benner – Certified Rolfer, Posture Specialist & Yoga Instructor

Allison draws her body-centered approach to healing from her career as a Rolfer, yoga therapist, and posture and breath coach. She is a renowned instructor and founder of Embracing the Feminine retreats. Allison utilizes hands-on manipulation, movement education, and an interactive relationship to support her clients on their path towards ease and integration in their bodies.



Cindy Jones – Balanced Riding Instructor, Rider Aware Founder

Cindy has been teaching riding for the past 25 years. She has studied with Sally Swift, founder of Centered RidingⓇ, and several of Sally’s senior Centered RidingⓇ instructors. Cindy emphasizes developing harmony and effectiveness through body awareness and riding posture. She is co-founder of Rider Aware Club, a monthly social and educational gathering which benefits Happy Dog Ranch.


Qamar & Kathleen

Qamar & Kathleen

Kathleen June, Facilitator, Horse Hungry Founder

Kathleen pairs her passion for horses with over 30 years of teaching, training and facilitating humans. She is a Senior Volunteer at Happy Dog Ranch, helping other volunteers to build their horsemanship skills via breath, intention and awareness. She facilitates and hosts Horse Hungry workshops for horse-crazy women to meet like-minded friends and claim their passion for horses.

Horse Hungry – Denver, Colorado

Littleton, CO
532 Women horse lovers

Horse Hungry is for horse-crazy women who lack access to horses (up until now!) If you desire connection to horses, to like-minded women, and to your own spirituality, this gr…

Check out this Meetup Group →


Round Bale Round Bale Women’s Circles help you fill the hole in your heart where horses belong!

Introduce yourself to the exquisite world of connection to your own spirituality, to equine energy, and to other horse-crazy women.

Your spirituality is the awareness that your essential self and the Universe/ Source Energy/ God, (whatever you call the Bigness of Life) are One.

Your essential self calls you to expand your awareness of the Bigness that includes you, horses, and other horse-loving women in its love.

Feed your Horse Hunger!

Your essential self is making you aware of the hole in your heart that can only be filled by horses and their mysterious connecting and healing energies.

Your challenge is to explore how your senses can connect you in surprising ways to your essential self, to horses, and to your community of like-minded women.

Be inspired to live your own unique spirituality every day!

Fill the hole in your heart where horses belong!

Sundays 1:00pm – 4:00pm 

Every Circle includes meditation among the horses, a tour of the ranch, observations of horse behaviors and herd life, journaling and sharing insights in a wonderfully safe and energizing environment.

Each meeting date focuses on a different way to claim and live your passion for horses.

No hands on horses except for greeting and petting when appropriate.   

~Facilitated by Kathleen June, Horse Hungry Founder

June 10: Horse Hungry Book Club – Mark a short passage in a new or favorite horse book to share – or come just to listen. Leave with a cool reading or gift list!

August 19: Movement & Connection – Practice a simple group Tai Chi step that blends our energies and awakens our sense of connection to the earth, to the horses, and to each other.

September 9: Sounds & Silence – Sink into silence. Listen to the horses eat, move, breathe. Record and share your reflections of your own and the horses’ auditory experiences.

$35 per person


Discounts for any 2 or all 3 events:

Any 2 events: $63

All 3 Events: $90


Fill the hole in your heart where horses belong!

Once you sign up, please email Kathleen at to indicate which Round Bale Women’s Circles dates you will attend.

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)

Sunset Gong Bath Surrounded by Horses

Sunday, September 2, 5:00pm – 8:15pm

A don’t-miss for horse-hungries, gong newbies & groupies, and nature lovers!

“I’ve been a gong groupie for years, but I’ve never even heard of one with horses. Celebrating the Earth and the Sun with the horses was so precious! Thank you!” ~Brian, 2017 Participant


Gregg Wilkins plays the Earth Gong for goats and steer


Enjoy a BYO picnic with new and old friends, accompanied by sweet inspiration from Life Celebrant Mary Jo Honiotes

Mary Jo leads us through a brief meditation and talks to us about what is happening in the earth and the heavens to connect us so dearly to Nature and to each other. 

“I’ve been to many gong baths before, but this one was out of this world! The best ever – so sweet and connecting on personal, spiritual, and nature-loving levels!” ~Kathleen H., 2017 Participant

Join a simple community ritual to form our Sacred Sound Circle

Mary Jo guides us to move quietly across the barnyard, through the barn to the round pen. Our intention is focused on our communal appreciation of Nature. We give thanks for whatever messages such connection with the elements and horses will bring to each of us.

“I’ve never been to a gong bath before, never even heard of it. I am so blown away, I can’t even talk!” ~Mary, 2017 Participant

Bathe in sacred sound with Sound Sculptor Gregg Wilkins

Recline on blankets facing a stunning Colorado foothills sunset as rich, earthy gong tones wash over you (the “bath”). Your body and spirit are soothed by sacred sound and beautiful equine energy as two surrounding herds of horses join in your reverie!

I don’t know what I expected, but this was exactly what I needed. The people, the horses, the incredible speaker and the gong guy. Wow!” ~Julian, 2017 Participant

Horses and humans washed by the Earth gong, played by Gregg Wilkins

“It’s Wednesday & I’m still riding the gong wave here at work! Thank you!” ~Lynn, 2017 Participant

NEW PAYMENT OPTION!  Reserve your space!  Pay via PayPal below


RSVP *required* to to pay cash or check at the door

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)

You will receive a confirmation email with all details to prepare yourself for your very best gong bath experience!

Check out our other Horse Hungry programs!


Sounds and Silence Mini-Retreat

Give yourself completely to the act of listening.

Beyond the sound there is something greater:

a sacredness that cannot be understood through thought.

~From Guardians of Being, Eckhart Tolle and Patrick McDonnell

Sounds & Silence Mini-Retreat

Sunday, Sept 9, 1:00 – 4:00

Happy Dog Ranch, Littleton, Colorado

Happy Dog horses at play


Are you frazzled by the noise and busyness of everyday life?

Do you long for some peace and quiet?

Does connecting with Nature seem like a loving thing to do for yourself?


Returning from pasture

Returning from pasture

Let the sweep of plains and foothills, the quiet sounds of ranch animals,

your own soothing inner voice (yes!), hold you in sweet reverie as you explore:

~How do horses and humans listen?
~How can horses help us be quiet and still inside?
~How can we embody silence in this busy world?

What is Kibwesi listening to?

What is Kibwesi listening to?

In a safe learning space, we will…
*Listen deeply through guided visualizations, brief meditations, journaling, coloring
*Share the beauty of this experience in a like-minded community
*Return home rested and rejuvenated

Note: We will conduct herd observations. We will not work hands-on-horses.

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)


FAQS – Waking Up to Love Gong Bath 

Here is what you need to know to enjoy your Gong Bath Mini-Retreat to the utmost!

What is a gong bath?

A gong bath is a relaxing, rejuvenating sound-immersion experience. Many people swear by its cleansing, healing effects on both psyche and spirit. The gong tones are so elemental that two of the ranch cats and many of the horses have hung close to Gregg as he played.

Your Gongmaster, Gregg Wilkins, plays his huge Earth Gong with a variety of natural fiber, metal, glass, and plastic instrurments. They range from very tiny to very large, and each produces unique and varying sounds.

What do I do at my Gong Bath?

To enjoy your gong bath, you lie on your own deep padding on the floor, fully clothed. Some chairs will be provided.

Your head faces the Gongmaster. You can close your eyes or keep them open.

What a Gong Bath like?

As Gregg plays the gong (very intuitively – this is sacred sound rather than scored music), the gong tones wash over you in waves. You can feel the vibrations through the air and through the wood floor.

Many people find the gong experience to be deeply relaxing, even transporting. You can meditate or deep breathe, or just relax. You can listen to the gong tones, or fade out and just let the sound waves pass by like clouds in the sky.

To bring you back to earth and ground you for the drive home, after the gong bath we briefly share how we each experienced it. And we serve dark chocolate!

How long is the Gong Bath? 

This portion of your mIni-retreat takes about 75 minutes, including instructions and sharing.

Is this Gong Bath indoors or outdoors?

The Awakening to Love Gong Bath is held indoors, in the main house great room that has cathedral ceilings and wood floors, perfect for our purposes.

The Awake Walk, a meditative visit with the ranch animals, is outdoors.

In early fall, our Sunset Gong Bath Surrounded by Horses is held entirely outdoors.

What is our Mini-Retreat agenda?

  • Wecome
  • Mary Jo Honiotes talks about Awakening to Love
  • Mary Jo leads our Meditative Awake Walk outdoors
  • Back indoors: Journal questions and brief discussion
  • Gregg Wilkins: Gong Bath
  • Observations, experiences, questions, chocolate
  • Closing

What should I wear?

We all remove our shoes indoors, so wear your warm socks, or bring slippers.

For the indoor Gong Bath, wear non-binding, comfortable clothing.

For the outdoor Awake Walk, dress for the weather (layers) and wear shoes or boots that you can get dirty.

What should I bring?

  1. Thick collection of mats and blankets for lying on the wood floor. A blanket to cover you is a nice option. And perhaps a pillow for your head, low back or knees?
  2. Outdoor wear appropriate for the weather. Boots or close-toed shoes you can get dirty.
  3. Journal & pen

Must I lay on the floor?

There are a few arm chairs and couches, available on a first come basis. Feel free to bring your own patio lounge chair or directors chair if you need to stay off the floor.

PLEASE NOTE: Your space should only be as wide as the average camping or yoga mat or patio lounge chair.

Will there be refreshments?

Yes, for your convenience and comfort, water, hot teas and gluten-free light snacks are provided.

How is this Gong Bath a Self-Valentine? What is the blessing?

This Mini-retreat is meant to be an afternoon just for you – to rejunenate, recalibrate, rest and restore your physical, mental and spiritual energies. Together we bless with gratitude the season, the Earth, the animals, and ourselves.

All of us at times are “too busy, too tired, too overwhelmed” to pracdtice our best self-care. Even those of us who generally practice a high level of self-care can use a real break now and then.

Isn’t it often so much easier to be kind, generous and patient with other people than with ourselves? This Valentine is all about loving yourself and connecting to the Earth and to each other. !

More than a mere sidebar to your week, your Awakening to Love Gong Bath Mini-Retreat is a real gift to yourself, and possibly to a friend. A personal invitation from you will mean that your loved one gets to relax and restore, too, and you get to share the gifts of this sublime experience to deepen and renew your relationship.

Can I pet the animals? 

Yes, please!  You may enjoy petting any animal that approaches you – horses, donkeys, alpaca, pigs, goats, cats, ducks and chickens. (Following or reaching for an animal that has not approached you is stressful our rescued friends.)

Tips for connecting with Happy Dog animals:

  • Move slowly and talk quietly
  • Offer the back of your hand (less intense energy) for them to sniff before you reach out to pet.
  • Reach for neck or shoulder first, and you might be graced with an invitation to scratch a head, too.
  • Pet and scratch, rather than patting. (That’s a hard one! if you remember, great!)

Can I feed the animals?

We ask that you do not feed any of the animals – not even “a little treat” that you are used to giving the animals in your life. Until you get to know Happy Dog animals, you won’t know who is missing teeth, has a choking problem, suffers from a digestive aillment, is insulin resistant, or will aggress on the next person who they think has a treat. Thank you for respecting this rule!

How do I pay?

Please use the PayPal button here or on the main post. If you need to make other arrangements, please contact me at

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)

You will receive confirmation upon payment; instructions and directions the week prior to the Gong Bath.

CANCELLATION POLICY: $25 refund if you cancel before Friday, Feb 8. No refund after that date. If we cancel, full refund.

Questions? Contact me at and I’ll be glad to help you.








If your question is not anwered here, contact me at