Horse Hungry for the Holidays

Sunday, December 10, 2017

12:00pm – 3:00pm

Happy Dog Ranch, Littleton, CO

$48 per person, $90 for two people


Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)

What do you mean by “claiming your passion for horses”?

“I have been away from horses for 15 years. I don’t know how this happened! I can’t wait to meet like-minded women at the ranch! I’ve been wishing for a group like Horse Hungry.”

Every new Horse Hungry Meetup member writes something similar in her membership questionnaire. But many women don’t ever sign up to join us at the ranch. We all know what it is like when school, family, work and other obligations keep us from following our horse bliss.

This is why I founded Horse Hungry, because this was once true for me, too. Now I ache to read these poignant comments and to see how so many women struggle to prioritize their own passions.

Some women tell me that they can’t possibly buy a horse calendar or display a horse figurine or picture in their own home.

Some women do watch horse movies, go to an occasional horse show, or take a trail ride, but they describe these outings as unusual events, rare treats or guilty indulgences.

Some women ride or own horses but struggle to articulate their passion and to claim their horse time. They often sound wistful or apologetic, or laugh it off as an addiction.

Too few women I meet view their passion for horses as an essential expression of their true nature.

Claiming our passion for horses is important; it is powerful, and it is essential, not a whim or a passing fancy. It is so crucial to our health and well-being, to our expression of our most authentic selves. It is part of what makes us tick, what makes us vibrant, alive and joyful. It is one beautiful way that we can connect to Nature, to the Divine, so we are replenished to give to others in healthy ways.

I want to support YOU in claiming your passion for horses, no matter what that looks like for you right now!

If you are a horse-hungry woman, Horse Hungry for the Holidays is designed just for you. In a mini-retreat to nurture your love of horses and connect you with other women horse-lovers, you will find comfort, inspiration and expression of your unique passion for horses. You don’t have to get dirty, stress your body or empty your wallet.

Just come and relax, enjoy a meal together, listen to stories of ancient winter traditions and create a horse-passion icon for your home that will support you in claiming your passion for horses at whatever level is right for you.

We want to nurture you, body and soul!

All horse-loving women are invited, including those who have not found the time to spend with actual horses for a while, plus horse-owners and riders.

Lunch, craft supplies, inspiration and love provided! Sink into the beauty of this horse rescue ranch nestled against the foothills.

Escape the holiday madness. Give yourself a gift or request a gift of a horse-lover’s afternoon!

In this mini-retreat you get to know other horse-crazy women over a sumptuous vegan lunch in front of the cabin fireplace.

🐎 Claim heart space just for yourself, no matter your relationship to the season
🐎 Call on ancient winter traditions that remind you to claim your passion for horses
🐎 Bridle that passion for horses to carry you into 2018
🐎 Create your own horse-lover’s memento to inspire and guide you, even when you are apart from actual horses

Horse Hungry tickets (price per person)